Innovation or Tradition— from music to business

Today with advances in  technology, many traditional industries face on a problem: still tradition or innovation?  We can saw many multinational companies fall down even disappear because of miss the chance which technologies change and they still using traditional way.

Kodak used to be biggest  photographic equipment  brand in the world. However when every one use digital photograph, Kodak still produced film. Ironically, Kodak’s engineer Stephen is the person who involved the world’s first digital camera. Same crisis happened in NOKIA, when customers change they mind form focus on phone’s  use of life cycle to phone’s functions and design. NOKIA still believe that consumers will buy the story.

  • Innovation or Tradition—Music 

Recently, I find inspiration within music. when I watched David Garrett’s (German violinist) violin concert video, It let me re-recognized violin music. I learned violin when I was a little boy, in my mind violin music is always play classical music, but David Garrett overturn what I recognized.


What do you think violin concert should look like? In the Sydney Opera House or the Gold Hall of Vienna, every one sit down waiting for conductor? I probably said NO. Look at the video you will find very different thing!

Brilliant light, splendid stage, innovative appear way, enthusiastic music totally different form to traditional violin concert.

Look at a large number of audiences enjoy this live in concert, you know that there is no doubt very successful live concert.  However, what made it so successful? Except himself superb skill and the use the traditional and modern combined with the new artistic form made an impression to audiences. 

I said innovation is not just broken tradition, but innovate on the basis of tradition. I watched musical named Orphis in Nuffield theatre last mouth. I thought it could like traditional Greek myth story before I watched it. However unexpected is that the screenwriter recreate the story. The plot and set of roles partly sticks to the original story, but protagonists time travel between ancient and modern with the drama develops. Look like their previous and present life continuously weaves together.


Breaking the audiences’ inherent impression is one of key thing in this successful musical. If the plot just like original work: Orphis enter the underworld use his superb harp skill save his wife. I believe that could not attracted so many audiences. Hence, combining tradition and modern to break the audiences’ inherent impression that can just attract audiences. 

  • Innovation or Tradition— Business

In one sense, whether live concert or musical both are one of commercial form. Therefore companies want to attract customers to buy their products, service or idea, they should think about how to combining tradition and modern to break the customers’ inherent impression.


For example, in China elders usually give children red envelopes filled with money in Chinese New Year. Recently, a new method to give red envelopes in Wechat has been increasing popularity. Many Chinese use this to give blessing to their friends. However,Tencent(Chinese Internet firms running Wechat) get a large amount of current capital from this way. Therefore we can try to use modern methods to traditional things in marketing. 



  1. bharadwaj400 · October 19, 2015

    I like David Garret’s music. He combines the traditional with the modern very well 🙂 I hear him play once and instantly could recognise with his kind of music. Nice post


    • David_zhou · October 21, 2015

      Thank you very much! I like his music style and I think he also promotes himself successfully.


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