How to make a payment ? —The technology changing how we make purchases

Recently, I saw a video about the new way to make a payment by using the ring on BBC NEWS. The surprising thing is that increasing technology has been used in our daily life recent years especially in business. For example, how to make a payment? From using metallic money to paper money, and then using credit card, now you can just using the ring. Maybe you can choose something you want even use your face to buy goods in the near future.


Before I came to UK, I used very interesting pay way on vending machines in our university. It make payment by voice, not your voice, it is your smart phone voice. By using Alibaba’s app Alipay, your smart phone make a voice like “su,su,su” then make sure your Alipay account link to this machine and complete the payment.


from my phone

Not only Alibaba’s online shopping platforms but also behind their online business empire, payment system are key factors of their success.  Alipay of the original is in order to make sure transaction security between customers and companies. As a middle man, customers pay for goods but the money not directly to sellers but into Alipay, then Alipay affirm that customers have been received the goods and satisfy with their brought. Finally, customers complete the payment to sellers by using Alipay.


If you just think that Alipay is make transaction security between customers and companies, you would make a big mistake.  Alibaba processed 278 million orders, 9.3 billion dollars on single day an annual shopping holiday in China. 9.3 billion dollars not into customers’ wallets, not into companies’ accounts, but a large amount of money all into Alibaba’s Alipay. These money will stay in Alipay approximately two or three week.


There is an old saying, “Time is money.” Whether Banks or big organizations both want these huge money to solve the pressing need even only a few week. With Alipay increasingly popularity in China, its functions has been extend. Except help customers and companies make a transaction, it also can helpyour living expenses, including the gas, electricity, water. To attract more customers save money into Alipay account, if you save money into account you can get interest and everyday you can see extra money into your account. Customers be willing to see their account increase everyday. However, for Alibaba even each customers save 1 dollar into their account each day. Alipay has 270 million active users, it means that 270 million dollars into Alibaba’s account everyday. How intelligent boss can think of using customers money do their own business!


Of course, Like other great corporations, Alibaba did not stop making progress. They pay attention to the technology and the future.On March 17, 2015, Alibaba Group Holdings founder and chief executive Jack Ma showed off the company’s new facial recognition tool, intended for use with Alipay mobile payments service, appearing at the annual CeBit tech exhibition in Hanover, Germany. It called “smile to pay”. I believe this technology will use in our daily life in the near future.


Alibaba’s Jack Ma shows off new ‘pay with a selfie’ technology

Not only Alibaba but also many big corporations focus on how more easily to make payment. For example, Apple use fingerprint. By using your finger you can shopping on the Apple store even shopping on the amazon app. With increasing technology use in our daily life, what do you think we can make a payment in the future?


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  1. Angélica Rodríguez Mendoza · October 23, 2015

    I want to have the experience of paying with my smartphone, but in Mexico we don’t have a lot of places that accepts this type of payment.
    I think in the end paper money and coins are going to disappear, in Africa the payments are via SMS with a cellphone, even if is not a smartphone, and for example in Sweden they are trying to cut the usage of paper money.

    Liked by 1 person

    • David_zhou · October 24, 2015

      Yes, I agree with you, but recently I saw a American drama named MR.Robot. In this drama, leading actor joined the mysterious organization. They want to save people form bank debts by attacking the world biggest bank network system. Although, maybe use the card and financial services are become more and more convenient but it still have some risks.
      That what I thought about, and I really want to know what do you fear most, if the paper money disappeared in our life?


      • Angélica Rodríguez Mendoza · October 30, 2015

        I’ve heard a lot of this Mr. Robot, I think I have to watch it.
        I think money is going to be only digital in the near future, but governments has to increase the security of it, but I think what actually happens is that a lot of people is so much better informed about this that the government does.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. David_zhou · November 4, 2015

    Yea, I see it. I agree with you that money is going to be only digital in the future, but I think that maybe in that time we do not need money any more. Instead, maybe something called ‘trust’ will decide what kind of thing we can brought.


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