War in Algeria, in the early 1960’s, France’s President Charles DE Gaulle want to end the war by negotiating, but colonial officer in Algeria are plotting a coup, they want to break the peace plan. After receipt the message, Charles DE Gaulle send thousands of transistor radios to French in Algeria’s troops which are still very fashionable at that time by named sympathy soldiers. After that though these radios, the French soldiers in Algeria listening to DE Gaulle’s speech- let them are loyal to French. In this way, a mutiny was in invisible.


This is one of the story I heard from my father when I was a child. After I listened this story I thought that DE Gaulle is a intelligent person who stop the mutiny without using any weapon. However, now I am appreciate the power of media, even the old transistor radios can stop the blood and save lives.

The original of ‘we media’

In September 2001, the famous American IT columnist Dan Gilmore was the first to put forward the concept of journalism 3.0. He thinks, journalism 1.0 include newspapers, radio, TV and other traditional media; Journalism 2.0 include traditional media’s online edition and news portals, etc; Journalism 3.0 include the online forums, blogs, microblogs, etc. In January 2003, he wrote the article titled “News for the next generation:here comes ‘we media’” in the Columbia journalism review.


However, the first time for the media gives a precise definition is American media scholar Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis. American society of news published their research about blog communication model in July 2003. This report adopted Dan Gilmore ‘we media’ concept, and think with the improvement in digital technology, we media is general public how to provide and share their news and their own experiences. 

How ‘we media’ working

When you blogs or your social media are attracted tens of thousands of audiences to watch what you are post on the Internet. The owners have virtually become we media. A large number of followers let that blogs or social media have some media functions. In addition, all of the audiences are your target consumers because they are interested what you are posted. 

we media

For example, if you are profession at make up. you posted many interesting video on the Youtube to teach other how to make up and choose their cosmetics, then you will have some followers. With increasing popularity of your Youtube account, you can cooperate with some cosmetic brands, recommend their products by using your Youtube videos, your audiences watched your videos they did not think you are a marketer, so company the sellers they will be more like to trust you.

Some benefits of ‘we media’

  1. low cost: You have a little or no cost, only need is trying to have more audiences.
  2. All of them are your target consumers
  3. Loyal consumers: Company traditional media, consumers in we media are trust you-the person more than products.

What do you think about ‘we media’, do you think put some ads on social media is a good or bad thing? Dose it have some drawback when using social media as a marketing tool?



One comment

  1. eclair · November 16, 2015

    Yes, I agree with you that we media is a trend now for some entrepreneurs to become rich, through its advantages of low costs and easy to attracts loyalty customers, but in reality this method has some shortcomings. First, we media has realness and credibility problem. Second, it is hard for combing operation and business. Third, it lacks of supervising. So we media truly needs more improvements and needs supervision.


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