Blog VS Twitter——Entering The Superficial Reading Time?

ilus_twitterThe explosive growth of information amount and the richness in media communication channels makes people get to select superficial reading, and “content with superficial understanding, the pursuit of happiness” is increasingly becoming the trend of the modern time. For my personal experience, when I first time touch Blog is about 10 years ago, in that time, blogs are very popular.The previous day, I will make a record of some common experience things with my two close friends. We all posted some interesting things in that blog to build us close relationship.

However, as time goes on, people do not want to spend much long time to reading the whole articles. Public want to contact as much as possible information which, they can get from the Internet. Therefore, something like Twitter, microblog have been appeared. By the way to using brief words with some images to describe information become increase popular. People by using their smart phones or tablets can easy read such information, but it also means this kind of reading are shallow reading, it is a kind of shallow, simple and easy reading form, concentrating on acquiring information

There is no doubt that Twitter and microblog have their benefits. With the diversification of information media and the speeding pace of life, people, today pay less attention to each things they did everyday. By short time browse, person can gain a large amount of information from Twitter such online platforms. And also they can shore something about their daily life with a few words and some pictures by use such online platforms. People need not spend much time to think about how to write it, and what is the meaning of their posted. They know that posted words like ‘Chicken soup’ are not useful than posted some interesting images. Another reasons person prefers to look Twitter is that the increasing popularity of using smart phones and tablets. Just using the small screen, it is difficult to go though a lot of words. Therefore, the development of technology let person to reading more brief words.

Admitting that reading information from Twitter has some benefits is not say that have no drawbacks. Shallow reading itself does not possess the social, ethical and moral attribute, so does not have the so-called serious harm. However, when you shallow reading is that all the information you read are useful information? I probably said no. How many things you can remember from you read in the Twitter everyday? Even you can tell me some from you road, but did you think that information will stay for long in your brain? In other words, when you are reading that you just move your finger let much information from bottom to top, you look at your screen try to find something that can attract your attention. 

I do not deny that we need something like twitter to relax ourselves, but we also need read some meaningful articles in the Blog, and then let your brain have some creative and critical thinking.


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  1. Liliia Aparina · November 12, 2015

    I think the choose of following source of information depends on a person. Some people can say that even blogpost is too boring…too many words etc. For them it is more interesting to follow their friend via twitter to be updated what those friends are doing and eating… Likely those individuals are not interested in developing themselves as educated people. Others can say that twitter is waste of time if you just follow your friends and those persons choose to follow qualified representatives from the industry to get immediate information about the field and links to articles and blogposts.

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    • David_zhou · November 15, 2015

      I can see your point, it is true that depends on person what they are interesting in. As a student I like you and most person don’t like read difficult academic essays. Sometimes we want to loose ourselves, like me, sometimes I just only looked at the pictures at Twitter even there were a few words on, I missed them.
      However, after spent much time on it, except relax what can we get from it? I think person not only need read something to relax, we also need to read something that we can enrich ourselves. Therefore, maybe we should read more some thoughtful articles from blog or book.


  2. LauraReport · November 12, 2015

    Hi David, I have admit that superficial reading is popular now, but don’t you think it is human nature? People naturally are attracted by short sentences and colourful pictures, so social media are designed to be that style. And I think the idea is suitable for many things such as website design, people like simple interface instead complex functions.


    • David_zhou · November 16, 2015

      Hi Laura, thank you for your respond. You mean that sometimes people prefer to superficial reading, because they are easily attracted by colourful pictures, I don’t deny that the design of social media is in order to communicate and send messages not transfer knowledge, but I think nowadays young person spend too much time on check their social media. Therefore, people need to settle down to read some thoughtful information.


  3. renlyeee · November 13, 2015

    yap you are right. Blogging is boring thing where just a vector to express ideas. However, thing gonna change with a Facebook group which like a bridge between each others.


    • David_zhou · November 16, 2015

      Yea you are right some Facebook groups like our course group, I don’t deny, that are very useful. but only a few groups like this, majority users are happy to post some pictures like food and selfies on social media. In my opinion, I think people today waste much time on check their social media, maybe we need read some thoughtful articles from real books.

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