How Gamification Work For Our Daily Life?

Blackboard "Gamification"

After learning classes on MOOC, I think these classes are interesting and valuable, especially the class of Gamification and its function. It’s very common for our youth to take interests in all kinds of games. For my point of view, why games attract players deeply that’s because games can bring players a sense of excited, and also players could place themselves in the games world in which they are most free be themselves.

Definition of Gamification

Gamification is defined as putting gaming mechanism into non-gaming activities in order to change fixed behavior pattern of people. To improve mass participation for customers, many businesses applying gamification on their marketing process, which combine game mechanism, game dynamics and webpage, business services, online society, and sales promotion. It not saying that gamification is a game, actually gamification is just a theory and thought, not a real product. Hence, for companies apply gamification not only on products saling, bus also on interior management.

The purpose of the game

Cultivate loyalty as well as enhance participants of employee and users

used loyalty project can’t satisfy customers need which born between 1980 and 2000. That’s because used loyalty project rely on players “burn” their points for rewards, which satisfy the players most. But gamification can bring customers a completely distinct way of thinking, it make them a bigger incentives to “earn” their points. This shift is a totally different way of thinking, it will make their driving factors from outside to inside, and change customers thought from “saving more money” to “wanting more points”.

Both “earn” and “burn” can lead to “yearn”, but if it just “burn”, it would over mechanism and less interests. What users care about is outcome not process, so it usually happen that when users gain the outcome and they would revocation. Besides, the biggest advantage of gamification is that it change the design from “saving more money” through discovering discount to let users automatically shifts “earn” to “yearn”.

Game mechanism and human ambition

Game mechanism involves several elements: points, levels, challenges, virtual goods, leaderboards, gifting and charity.
Elements correspond to the basic factor of the human desires: awards, status, achievement, self-expression, competitive, and altruism.

Such needs to be rooted in our minds, crossing the regional culture of gender for the entire human race.

1 However, single element in game mechanism has an impact on customers in many aspects, like the picture shows below. Green point is direct effect brought by game mechanism, blue point is other effects. Any human desire are associated with deep inside.

Therefore, gamification can affect people’s mental state from many aspects. Compared with other method, gamification has a stronger ability to arouse people’s interests in doing things. Although this approach still needs a lot of improvement, as a theory, I think it is very practical, widely uses, novel, and high degree of experience. So it may become an important way of management and marketing in the future.

reference Gamification 101: An Introduction to the Use of Game Dynamics to Influence Behavior. Available from: [Accessed 10 November 2015]


One comment

  1. eclair · November 16, 2015

    Gamification is an interesting topic, you have defined this term and illustrated its advantages and potential. I think the advantages of gamification attracts customers who like playing games but it is also a time wasting things. I mean may be young people seems more like playing games and competitive with other players, but not everyone like playing games, as person like me think that saving time and money are the most important things. So may be using this method has limitations, and it is likely that gamification is attracting some specific person not everyone, although gamificaiton itself is a creative field.


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