How Gamification Work For Our Daily Life?

Blackboard "Gamification"

After learning classes on MOOC, I think these classes are interesting and valuable, especially the class of Gamification and its function. It’s very common for our youth to take interests in all kinds of games. For my point of view, why games attract players deeply that’s because games can bring players a sense of excited, and also players could place themselves in the games world in which they are most free be themselves.

Definition of Gamification

Gamification is defined as putting gaming mechanism into non-gaming activities in order to change fixed behavior pattern of people. To improve mass participation for customers, many businesses applying gamification on their marketing process, which combine game mechanism, game dynamics and webpage, business services, online society, and sales promotion. It not saying that gamification is a game, actually gamification is just a theory and thought, not a real product. Hence, for companies apply gamification not only on products saling, bus also on interior management.

The purpose of the game

Cultivate loyalty as well as enhance participants of employee and users

used loyalty project can’t satisfy customers need which born between 1980 and 2000. That’s because used loyalty project rely on players “burn” their points for rewards, which satisfy the players most. But gamification can bring customers a completely distinct way of thinking, it make them a bigger incentives to “earn” their points. This shift is a totally different way of thinking, it will make their driving factors from outside to inside, and change customers thought from “saving more money” to “wanting more points”.

Both “earn” and “burn” can lead to “yearn”, but if it just “burn”, it would over mechanism and less interests. What users care about is outcome not process, so it usually happen that when users gain the outcome and they would revocation. Besides, the biggest advantage of gamification is that it change the design from “saving more money” through discovering discount to let users automatically shifts “earn” to “yearn”.

Game mechanism and human ambition

Game mechanism involves several elements: points, levels, challenges, virtual goods, leaderboards, gifting and charity.
Elements correspond to the basic factor of the human desires: awards, status, achievement, self-expression, competitive, and altruism.

Such needs to be rooted in our minds, crossing the regional culture of gender for the entire human race.

1 However, single element in game mechanism has an impact on customers in many aspects, like the picture shows below. Green point is direct effect brought by game mechanism, blue point is other effects. Any human desire are associated with deep inside.

Therefore, gamification can affect people’s mental state from many aspects. Compared with other method, gamification has a stronger ability to arouse people’s interests in doing things. Although this approach still needs a lot of improvement, as a theory, I think it is very practical, widely uses, novel, and high degree of experience. So it may become an important way of management and marketing in the future.

reference Gamification 101: An Introduction to the Use of Game Dynamics to Influence Behavior. Available from: [Accessed 10 November 2015]


Digital Companies Marketing Strategies —–

Did you heard about If you like travel, I think you will interesting in this digital company. is one of the most successful travel intermediaries in UK, and its marketing strategy plays a key role in its success.


4Ps marketing strategy

Commonly, e-commercial companies usually use 4Ps strategy to manage business. The 4Ps of marketing include four factors: product (or service), place, price, and promotion. In the context of online marketing, these four factors have distinguishing interpretation. utilizes the 4Ps strategy in an effective way.

In products (or service) strategy, offers air-tickets, hotel rooms, tour packages, entertainment reservations gifts, auctions, and other travel related services. These multitudinous products and service have fulfilled consumers in a great extent.

At the same time, in place strategy, trading process occurred in the website of, and online trading can save costs of company as well as can contact with customers more expedient.

Besides, pricing strategy, through creating lowest price for its products and through delivering services effectively, stays head of other online travel competitors.

What is more, in promotion strategy not only do traditional marketing, such as advertising on buses, radio promotions, but also cooperate with online companies. At the same time, has innovative promotion strategy. Through using innovative marketing idea, promotes its products by co-branding, which have strengthened the performance of the existing products and have captivated consumers’ attention.

4Ps marketing strategy is not enough 

Using online auction has largely affected business performance of Online auction is an innovative marketing strategy applying by The unique characteristics of the online auction service of are that it offers an auction in the process of online purchasing instead of posting a fixed price, and it conceals hotel location or airline brands until payment completion. As, it is an important distribution and marketing channel, and it is acknowledged that online auction has increased the popularity of its tourism services, has helped selling residual seats of hotels and airlines, and has drawn bidders and customers’ interest. Although it is beneficial for consumers to look to purchase products or services at a bargain price through the process of auction, there are also limitations in online auction. The limitation is that because all reservations are prepaid, it is non-cancellable, non-refundable, and it is customers themselves to take the responsibility for the reservation.

Social media

Social media technologies have helped in a large extent. It is another innovative way of buying and selling tourism services. using social media to promote its products is because with the prevalent of advanced social media technology, there is an increasing trend for people to socialize, build up relationships and communicate with each other. These social media applications such as Facebook, Youtube, may have an influence on customers’ decisions. For example, through advertising on social media, attracts loyalty customers, and these customers can bring new subscribers by recommending this company. uses social media in order to say on the top of the latest trends, which are significantly important to its customers, and the company can provide a more personalized service by direct communication.

In my opinion, application of science and technology, and innovative ideas are the key to digital companies’ success.

Blog VS Twitter——Entering The Superficial Reading Time?

ilus_twitterThe explosive growth of information amount and the richness in media communication channels makes people get to select superficial reading, and “content with superficial understanding, the pursuit of happiness” is increasingly becoming the trend of the modern time. For my personal experience, when I first time touch Blog is about 10 years ago, in that time, blogs are very popular.The previous day, I will make a record of some common experience things with my two close friends. We all posted some interesting things in that blog to build us close relationship.

However, as time goes on, people do not want to spend much long time to reading the whole articles. Public want to contact as much as possible information which, they can get from the Internet. Therefore, something like Twitter, microblog have been appeared. By the way to using brief words with some images to describe information become increase popular. People by using their smart phones or tablets can easy read such information, but it also means this kind of reading are shallow reading, it is a kind of shallow, simple and easy reading form, concentrating on acquiring information

There is no doubt that Twitter and microblog have their benefits. With the diversification of information media and the speeding pace of life, people, today pay less attention to each things they did everyday. By short time browse, person can gain a large amount of information from Twitter such online platforms. And also they can shore something about their daily life with a few words and some pictures by use such online platforms. People need not spend much time to think about how to write it, and what is the meaning of their posted. They know that posted words like ‘Chicken soup’ are not useful than posted some interesting images. Another reasons person prefers to look Twitter is that the increasing popularity of using smart phones and tablets. Just using the small screen, it is difficult to go though a lot of words. Therefore, the development of technology let person to reading more brief words.

Admitting that reading information from Twitter has some benefits is not say that have no drawbacks. Shallow reading itself does not possess the social, ethical and moral attribute, so does not have the so-called serious harm. However, when you shallow reading is that all the information you read are useful information? I probably said no. How many things you can remember from you read in the Twitter everyday? Even you can tell me some from you road, but did you think that information will stay for long in your brain? In other words, when you are reading that you just move your finger let much information from bottom to top, you look at your screen try to find something that can attract your attention. 

I do not deny that we need something like twitter to relax ourselves, but we also need read some meaningful articles in the Blog, and then let your brain have some creative and critical thinking.


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Reputation Damage

How important reputation to corporation?

Reputation is one of the significant factors in companies, when reputational damage happened it not only can bring major economic damage but also impact in corporate image.


For many companies, the most valuable property is not how much fund they have, nor in how many staff of the workforce, whereas rather in its reputation. However, reputation can be a brittle thing. Consider Coca-Cola, which became the largest cola manufacturer through its reputation for reliability and value but has suffered as incident of food poisoning in Belgium, 1999. This has contributed to a direct financial loss more than 60 million dollars.


Another example is British Petroleum (BP), because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP spent for years built in its trustworthy and going green and environmental protection image and sunburst logo, its reputation quickly fell down in the midst of tragedy: its image value was reduced by 100 billion dollars. Therefore reputation is a significant property in organisations. It may let organisations suffered great loss.

How to recover reputation damage?

Finding methods to repair reputational damage can divide into two pathways: one is controlling distrust another is demonstrating trustworthiness again.

According to Dietz and Gillespie (2012), organisations trust repair has four stages:

  1. responded
  2. find reasons
  3. take actions
  4. evaluation of progress

How to prevent reputational damage?

First of all is evaluations of crisis has happened, is because after solving the reputational damage, organisations can find the experiences by evaluate the crisis to prevent such setbacks.  Generally, after reputational damage should evaluation cause and effect, weather methods to solving problems are useful by released companies report.

In addition, the choice to establish contingency plans is due to the fact that contingency plans can become reputation insurance and fast deal with emergency incident. Many companies take contingency plans such as establish CSR as a significant role in organisations’ rest-management strategy. The trend that many companies set up contingency plans is because it is an effective strategy and can help organisations take actions quickly when emergency incident happened. Not only it can help organisations deal with crisis, but also can give public confidence that companies plans as reputation insurance play an important role in organisations’ rest-management strategy.

With the increasing of social media, organisations should pay more attention to use social media to improving interaction with customers and controlling negative dissemination of information. Firstly, the fact that social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTobe is increasing popularity in many organisations is due to it spread fast and wide. In addition, the trend that companies spend an increasing amount of time is because using social media can allow companies accomplish interchange information quickly and help enterprises connect with their customers more effective. However, plenty of information on social media is to boots sales and hits, therefore organisations should pay more attention to control social media, which cover many negative stories.


Dietz, G. Gillespie, N. (2012) The Recovery of Trust: Case studies of organisational failures and trust repair, 1st ed. London: Institute of Business Ethics.


War in Algeria, in the early 1960’s, France’s President Charles DE Gaulle want to end the war by negotiating, but colonial officer in Algeria are plotting a coup, they want to break the peace plan. After receipt the message, Charles DE Gaulle send thousands of transistor radios to French in Algeria’s troops which are still very fashionable at that time by named sympathy soldiers. After that though these radios, the French soldiers in Algeria listening to DE Gaulle’s speech- let them are loyal to French. In this way, a mutiny was in invisible.


This is one of the story I heard from my father when I was a child. After I listened this story I thought that DE Gaulle is a intelligent person who stop the mutiny without using any weapon. However, now I am appreciate the power of media, even the old transistor radios can stop the blood and save lives.

The original of ‘we media’

In September 2001, the famous American IT columnist Dan Gilmore was the first to put forward the concept of journalism 3.0. He thinks, journalism 1.0 include newspapers, radio, TV and other traditional media; Journalism 2.0 include traditional media’s online edition and news portals, etc; Journalism 3.0 include the online forums, blogs, microblogs, etc. In January 2003, he wrote the article titled “News for the next generation:here comes ‘we media’” in the Columbia journalism review.


However, the first time for the media gives a precise definition is American media scholar Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis. American society of news published their research about blog communication model in July 2003. This report adopted Dan Gilmore ‘we media’ concept, and think with the improvement in digital technology, we media is general public how to provide and share their news and their own experiences. 

How ‘we media’ working

When you blogs or your social media are attracted tens of thousands of audiences to watch what you are post on the Internet. The owners have virtually become we media. A large number of followers let that blogs or social media have some media functions. In addition, all of the audiences are your target consumers because they are interested what you are posted. 

we media

For example, if you are profession at make up. you posted many interesting video on the Youtube to teach other how to make up and choose their cosmetics, then you will have some followers. With increasing popularity of your Youtube account, you can cooperate with some cosmetic brands, recommend their products by using your Youtube videos, your audiences watched your videos they did not think you are a marketer, so company the sellers they will be more like to trust you.

Some benefits of ‘we media’

  1. low cost: You have a little or no cost, only need is trying to have more audiences.
  2. All of them are your target consumers
  3. Loyal consumers: Company traditional media, consumers in we media are trust you-the person more than products.

What do you think about ‘we media’, do you think put some ads on social media is a good or bad thing? Dose it have some drawback when using social media as a marketing tool?


How to make a payment ? —The technology changing how we make purchases

Recently, I saw a video about the new way to make a payment by using the ring on BBC NEWS. The surprising thing is that increasing technology has been used in our daily life recent years especially in business. For example, how to make a payment? From using metallic money to paper money, and then using credit card, now you can just using the ring. Maybe you can choose something you want even use your face to buy goods in the near future.


Before I came to UK, I used very interesting pay way on vending machines in our university. It make payment by voice, not your voice, it is your smart phone voice. By using Alibaba’s app Alipay, your smart phone make a voice like “su,su,su” then make sure your Alipay account link to this machine and complete the payment.


from my phone

Not only Alibaba’s online shopping platforms but also behind their online business empire, payment system are key factors of their success.  Alipay of the original is in order to make sure transaction security between customers and companies. As a middle man, customers pay for goods but the money not directly to sellers but into Alipay, then Alipay affirm that customers have been received the goods and satisfy with their brought. Finally, customers complete the payment to sellers by using Alipay.


If you just think that Alipay is make transaction security between customers and companies, you would make a big mistake.  Alibaba processed 278 million orders, 9.3 billion dollars on single day an annual shopping holiday in China. 9.3 billion dollars not into customers’ wallets, not into companies’ accounts, but a large amount of money all into Alibaba’s Alipay. These money will stay in Alipay approximately two or three week.


There is an old saying, “Time is money.” Whether Banks or big organizations both want these huge money to solve the pressing need even only a few week. With Alipay increasingly popularity in China, its functions has been extend. Except help customers and companies make a transaction, it also can helpyour living expenses, including the gas, electricity, water. To attract more customers save money into Alipay account, if you save money into account you can get interest and everyday you can see extra money into your account. Customers be willing to see their account increase everyday. However, for Alibaba even each customers save 1 dollar into their account each day. Alipay has 270 million active users, it means that 270 million dollars into Alibaba’s account everyday. How intelligent boss can think of using customers money do their own business!


Of course, Like other great corporations, Alibaba did not stop making progress. They pay attention to the technology and the future.On March 17, 2015, Alibaba Group Holdings founder and chief executive Jack Ma showed off the company’s new facial recognition tool, intended for use with Alipay mobile payments service, appearing at the annual CeBit tech exhibition in Hanover, Germany. It called “smile to pay”. I believe this technology will use in our daily life in the near future.


Alibaba’s Jack Ma shows off new ‘pay with a selfie’ technology

Not only Alibaba but also many big corporations focus on how more easily to make payment. For example, Apple use fingerprint. By using your finger you can shopping on the Apple store even shopping on the amazon app. With increasing technology use in our daily life, what do you think we can make a payment in the future?


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Innovation or Tradition— from music to business

Today with advances in  technology, many traditional industries face on a problem: still tradition or innovation?  We can saw many multinational companies fall down even disappear because of miss the chance which technologies change and they still using traditional way.

Kodak used to be biggest  photographic equipment  brand in the world. However when every one use digital photograph, Kodak still produced film. Ironically, Kodak’s engineer Stephen is the person who involved the world’s first digital camera. Same crisis happened in NOKIA, when customers change they mind form focus on phone’s  use of life cycle to phone’s functions and design. NOKIA still believe that consumers will buy the story.

  • Innovation or Tradition—Music 

Recently, I find inspiration within music. when I watched David Garrett’s (German violinist) violin concert video, It let me re-recognized violin music. I learned violin when I was a little boy, in my mind violin music is always play classical music, but David Garrett overturn what I recognized.


What do you think violin concert should look like? In the Sydney Opera House or the Gold Hall of Vienna, every one sit down waiting for conductor? I probably said NO. Look at the video you will find very different thing!

Brilliant light, splendid stage, innovative appear way, enthusiastic music totally different form to traditional violin concert.

Look at a large number of audiences enjoy this live in concert, you know that there is no doubt very successful live concert.  However, what made it so successful? Except himself superb skill and the use the traditional and modern combined with the new artistic form made an impression to audiences. 

I said innovation is not just broken tradition, but innovate on the basis of tradition. I watched musical named Orphis in Nuffield theatre last mouth. I thought it could like traditional Greek myth story before I watched it. However unexpected is that the screenwriter recreate the story. The plot and set of roles partly sticks to the original story, but protagonists time travel between ancient and modern with the drama develops. Look like their previous and present life continuously weaves together.


Breaking the audiences’ inherent impression is one of key thing in this successful musical. If the plot just like original work: Orphis enter the underworld use his superb harp skill save his wife. I believe that could not attracted so many audiences. Hence, combining tradition and modern to break the audiences’ inherent impression that can just attract audiences. 

  • Innovation or Tradition— Business

In one sense, whether live concert or musical both are one of commercial form. Therefore companies want to attract customers to buy their products, service or idea, they should think about how to combining tradition and modern to break the customers’ inherent impression.


For example, in China elders usually give children red envelopes filled with money in Chinese New Year. Recently, a new method to give red envelopes in Wechat has been increasing popularity. Many Chinese use this to give blessing to their friends. However,Tencent(Chinese Internet firms running Wechat) get a large amount of current capital from this way. Therefore we can try to use modern methods to traditional things in marketing.