Global brands’ localization

When Mike mentioned global or local in the classroom, I remember my undergraduate major was franchise management. Our tutor always told us about the globalization, we pay a less attention to local but how an international brand into local market is an art in the market.

The advertisement is a significant thing when the global brand want to address new markets. According to Jerry,Stan and Rob study glocal advertising strategy divided into three pillars:”

  1. a global concept that addresses a universal human motivation;
  2. a unified brand vision with creative delivery that respects local nuances and empowered consumers in each locale;
  3. an organizational architecture, including culture, technological platform, and dedicated resources, that emphasizes and facilitates dynamic and effective collaboration between the developers of global strategy and local strategists and implementers. “

An very interesting thing in China that many global car brands find the great Chinese name in Chinese market. Mercedes Benz, for example, many European call Mercedes Benz but Chinese always say Benz. The reason of this is that name was given new means in Chinese. Chinese person interpret Benz as “奔驰”, there have very slightly pronunciation both in Chinese and English, but the meaning of “奔驰” in Chinese in not just a name. This word is to describe fast running state in flat areas, it originally used for describing sturdy steeds gallop on the grasslands. Therefore “奔驰” has it new meaning in Chinese. Not only in China, people form different areas always use same way. 


A great advertisement should consider both corporate culture and local culture. Many global brands successful use advertisement tell their corporate culture to people form different background. When people mention “Apple” not only the fruit apple in your mind, but also the Iphone, Iwatch, Mac book, etc fly into your mind. Your may think about the advanced technology, simple and yet stylish design, simple operation. That is how the Apple tell us their products and enterprise culture. Same as Apple, Nike as a global sports brand. When somebody tell you Nike, what come into your mind? sports? profession? balance? Maybe something like that. Hence their successful let people know their idea and their culture in the world.

However, how their did it? Look at the Iphone 6s and Nike advertisement maybe you will find some reasons.

That what I find :

  1. very simple
  2. only one theme
  3. avoid use lot of words or language

Maybe they are not suit for every company. Some companies should base on self-condition, use different advertising strategy in different areas. I like this way simple but everyone can get point.


Jerry, W. Stan, S. and Rob, M. (2013)  Great Advertising Is Both Local and Global. Available form: [Accessed 6 October 2015].